Fleet Management & Logistics Support for Rotorcraft Operators

Innovative software to meet the unique requirements of Rotorcraft Fleets.

eMRO has 21 modules that include the following functionality and more:

●  Maintenance of all airline & fleet assets

●  Mobile apps with offline capability

●  Supply Chain Management

●  Line Maintenance

●  In-house Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

●  Planning & Resource Management

●  Digital Technical Publications

●  Electronic Data Interchange iSpec 2100, Spec 2000, etc.

●  Paperless, e-Signature, Biometric Security

●  Financial Management Integration

●  Work anywhere with real-time information

●  Quality Assurance

The global helicopter and rotorcraft sectors include helicopters with powered rotors including cyclogryros/cyclocopters and tiltroters, as well as CTOL, VTOL, STOL and STOVL aircraft. Technological advances and requirements for urban air mobility (UAM) are promoting the development of electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) aircraft, as well as Drones and UAVs.

Dynamic software is needed to address the specific maintenance requirements of these type of aircraft. In addition to a full maintenance tracking system, TRAX eMRO rotor wing (RW) aircraft functionality allows users to track adjustable maintenance controls that are only applicable to rotor winged aircraft.

These unique requirements include:

●   Engine gas generator

●   Power turbine cycles

●   Rotor brakes, rescue brake hoists

●   Engine starts and landing cycles

●   Rotor coast down speeds

●   Cargo hook times

●   Transmitting portable electronic devices

●   Total Retirement Index Number (RIN) accruals

●   Turbine engine power assurance checks

●   Power-by-the-hour (PBH) components

TRAX also offers a hosted cloud-based application delivery model which enables airline operators to experience and reap the benefits and low costs offered by a private-cloud application solution (on the AWS Global Platform) for a nominal monthly subscription fee.